Focus on Visibility, Not Just Blue Links

blue links

In the world of SEO, the blue links term is used to state the conventional format of presenting search results. When a user enters a query on a search engine like Google, then the user sees ten blue links entries against this query as suggestions. However, the search titan introduced this term, but now it […]

SEO for 2020

1. Cover your bases with foundational SEO Titles, metas, headers, alt text, site speed, robots.txt, site maps, UX, CRO, Analytics, etc. 2. Schema markup FAQ, Breadcrumbs, News, Business Info, etc. 3. Research what matters for your industry! 4.Write good and useful content for people While you can’t optimize for BERT, you can write better for NLP. 5. Understand […]

Ikea or antique?

One of the best campaigns we have seen recently, the use of image recognition using mobile phones just tops it off.

Googles Swipe to Visit

Google has now started to show data in Google Search Console related to a new image search feature introduced in July of this year (2019). Image data is now tracked for images that appear on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and which interact via Google’s new feature ‘swipe to visit’. When you tap on an image […]

eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce Platforms

Online storefronts There are a variety of different eCommerce storefronts, each with there own products. Below is a list of some of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Which platform is best for you? WooCommerce WooCommerce is an extremely popular choice as it is an open-source eCommerce platform and seamlessly connects with the platform WordPress. It […]

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Minimizing Risk How do you minimize risk in your Inbound Marketing strategy? Inbound Marketing By pursuing quality traffic from multiple sources, sources such as organic search, social media channels and referrals from other respected websites, you safeguard yourself from relying on just one channel as well the risk associated with it. Measuring the results What […]

Social media at your live event

Social Media At A Live Event

Social media at your live event usually ends with masses of eager-hungry individuals who are thirstful to participate in the content you deliver. Social media at your live event is more beneficial than before or after an event. Why? People attending the event enjoy engaging with legitimate time updates and network. Your company can hit […]

How SEO and Long-Form Content can impact you.

SEO and Long Form Content

SEO and Long-Form Content can impact you significantly and make you look like more of an expert in any field, accelerate the chances of engagement and sharing, improve your search engine results page rank, and grow your following; because of your content, you will be viewed as an “authority” on the subject. If you can […]

SEO Elements

An Infographic explaining some of the elements involved in SEO and how it help you and your website.