SEO for 2020

1. Cover your bases with foundational SEO

Titles, metas, headers, alt text, site speed, robots.txt, site maps, UX, CRO, Analytics, etc.

2. Schema markup

FAQ, Breadcrumbs, News, Business Info, etc.

3. Research what matters for your industry!

4.Write good and useful content for people

While you can’t optimize for BERT, you can write better for NLP.

5. Understand and fulfill searcher intent, and keep in mind that there’s oftentimes multi-intent

6. Entity and topical integration baked into your IA

Have a rich understanding of your audience and what they’re seeking.

7. Optimize for featured snippets

8. Cultivate engagement

9. Repurpose your content

Blog post → slides → audio → video

10. Prune or improve thin or low-quality pages

11. Get customer insights!

12. Find keyword opportunities in Google Search Console

13. Target link-intent keywords

14. Podcasts

15. Provide unique research with visuals

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