Googles Swipe to Visit

Google has now started to show data in Google Search Console related to a new image search feature introduced in July of this year (2019).

Image data is now tracked for images that appear on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and which interact via Google’s new feature ‘swipe to visit’.

When you tap on an image in mobile search, you will see a preview of the website. You can then decide to scroll through the web page, post or blog by swiping UP, or you can return to images. This experience is a lot quicker than when you click on an image and Google has to load the whole web page.

This feature will only work if your website is a verified Search Console property. You will also have to have AMP set up on your website. Because Swipe to Visit is such a new feature few sites are making use of it, with Googles continual focus on mobile-first this should change pretty quickly.

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