Things you should know about voice search

  • General voice search statistics :

According to comScore, 50% of searches will be voice searches by the year 2020. Per Ganter, 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by that time as well.

  • Voice Commerce Sales :

In 2017 the UK made $0.2 billion in Voice Commerce Sales while the USA made $1.8 billion

These numbers are predicted to rise by the year 2022 to $5 billion for the UK and $40 billion for the use

  • Voice Search Statistics :

52% of people keep their voice activated speakers in their living room while 25% of people keep them in their bedroom. 22% of people keep it in their Kitchen.

  • Commercial Voice Statistics :

One in five consumers (19%) have made a voice purchase through Amazon Echo or another digital home assistant, and another third (33 percent) plan to do so in the next year, per Walker stands.

52% of voice-activated speaker owners would like to receive information about deals, sales, and promotions from brands, per Google. 39% would like to receive options to find business information

  • Demographic Statistics :

35.8% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants at least once a month, per eMarketer; this compared to just 10.1% of baby boomers.

The number of millennials who use voice-enabled digital assistants will climb to 39.3% in 2019, per eMarketer.

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