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social media for business

Social media marketing has become part of our daily lives. We are giving you the best and most used social media sites you can use for promoting your business. These sites have a wide audience and cater to any business’s needs. We have decided not to dwell too much on Google Plus as it will be closing down in 2019. According to reports from Google, the reason for the shutdown is a second data bug.


The world’s largest social media site and should be a part of any business’s marketing efforts due to its size and effectiveness. Taking into consideration the number of people that are on Facebook, reaching your target audience will be easy. Every business should have a Facebook business page and remain active with posts and updates. After creating a Facebook business page, you can advertise on Facebook as it has over 2 billion active monthly users. This platform is particularly business that is looking to advertise their products and services. Facebook has evolved immensely — from adding new languages to introducing new exciting features. They are always improving their user experience and providing opportunities for marketers to promote their businesses.


The lifespan of a tweet is less than 20 minutes. This means if your business is using Twitter for advertising, you have to post frequently. Twitter for business targets tech-savvy users who do not like reading. To ensure that your posts are relevant and straight to the point. Your business must include hashtags within the content and keep in mind that whatever you post has the potential to go viral. The use of threads, memes and invading other organisations’ tweets with smart responses is another way of gaining a good following. With more than 300 million monthly users, Twitter is a place to “see what’s happening”.


YouTube is the second largest search after Google search. When properly used, it will increase your SEO and results in your posts being in Google’s top results. By using YouTube, you will be reaching a wider audience as it holds over 1.57 billion monthly users. YouTube is well-suited for businesses to cater to consumers who want to have the “know how” for products and services sold. Videos should be posted 2 to 3 times weekly in order for your business to go viral.


This is a professionals’ social media site which allows businesses and individuals alike to interact with each other from a professional view. Your business is given the platform to advertise and acquire resumes on LinkedIn. In order to increase your company’s visibility, you must post at least 4 times a week. LinkedIn allows you to develop business to business relationships for all industries. The platform boasts a 500 million existing account holder usage that is expected to rise with time.


Instagram is a visual platform which needs you to post 1-5 stories per post, 3-5 times a week in order to go viral. Photography, design and travel businesses are more likely to receive a better client base from Instagram because of the type of users it holds –mostly millennials. Before posting, research on the relevant hashtags and trending topics. This will assist in ensuring that your post becomes relevant to the target audience. Instagram holds at least 800 million monthly users who spend approximately 30 minutes a day on the platform.


Like Instagram holds over 175 million monthly users and is also a visual sharing social media site. The uploaded images can be linked to your company website which will give the user more details. Posting 1-5 times a week as Pinterest has the ability to organise content, borrow inspiration from other users’ pins and search on specific topics.


With over 80million users, SlideShare is a social media site birthed by LinkedIn. It was created for business to business (B2B) document, video, infographic and presentation sharing. It is a cost-effective platform which allows you to reach other professionals whilst improving your SEO.

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