How SEO and Long-Form Content can impact you.

SEO and Long Form Content

SEO and Long-Form Content can impact you significantly and make you look like more of an expert in any field, accelerate the chances of engagement and sharing, improve your search engine results page rank, and grow your following; because of your content, you will be viewed as an “authority” on the subject. If you can keep up with all of that, it will all work to your benefit and translate to better brand awareness.

Are you having trouble ranking some keywords that should be easy? Are you not attracting traffic to your page, even though you’ve invested so much time presenting some great information? If so, have you ever considered adding more long-form content?

So What Is Long-Form Content?

Long-form content can maximize website traffic, social sharing and website authority. It’s proved to act as a strategic tool for marketers to enhance their conversions through sharing of knowledge, information and anything that can be considered worthy.

Anything under 1,200 words doesn’t fall under long-form content.  It is more advisable to aim for over 1,500 words since 1,200 is the minimum. That way, you will achieve a competitive advantage with the extra leeway.

•    A Recently Recognized Benefit

The powers of long-form content in the digital society have only recently started to gain credit. For quite some time digital long-form content was perceived to be as a no-go zone.

When readers started gravitating towards the internet, media analysts thought long-form journalism was in trouble. They felt that readers would become less engaged. Readers preferred simple, 140 characters would do and not much more than that. Who would want to scroll through an 8,000-word article on an iPhone screen? Naomi Sharp.

A vast majority are coming to the realization that the unavoidable “passing” of long-form content was enormously overstated, and digital marketers are discovering that long-form content is highly valuable for both users and search engines alike.

•    How can it benefit you?

•    Higher online visibility

•    More social sharing

•    Better link building

•    Reliable website authority

•    The SEO Benefit

•    Long-Form Content Ranks Very Well

If you want your articles to rank efficiently, think about using long-form content.

•    Google stands by it

Due to the notion that long-form content aids in search engine optimization (SEO) is validated by a clue that’s leaked on the Google Webmasters Central Blog. Pandu Nayak, a technical staff member at Google and creator of the Panda algorithm update, posted the following:

Users often turn to Google to answer a quick question, but research suggests that up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. That’s why today we’re introducing new search results to help users find in-depth articles.

That’s a very suggestive hint that long-form content tends to rank well. Nayak also advised webmasters to use mark-up, authorship mark-up and provide information about the company’s logo when producing long-form content as a way to further increase the likelihood of a good ranking.

Long-Form Content collects more backlinks on average

A study conducted by Moz reveals a direct connection between the length of the content and the number of backlinks pointing to it. It’s more substantial evidence that long-form content is excellent for SEO. h

•    Long-Form Content and SEO Can Increase Conversion Rates

If you’re managing a blog that equips any role of call-to-action, whether you’re looking to grow your email list or sell something, you’ll find that long-form content can alter a position in your conversion rate.

•    Generates better reader value

Another significant advantage, perhaps the most important besides all of this is that long-form content creates incredible insight for those following your page. They tend to get more than what they come for from long-form content.

•    Enhances social media sharing

A remarkable point about long-form content is that it contains several links to outer articles posted on the web. The linking facilitates the link building efforts of the publishers who have published the interlinked articles. To boost their linking efforts, they further share the parent article on social media.

Tips on SEO and Long-Form Content

•    All Content Shouldn’t Be Long-Form Content

In addition long-form content is a great way to initiate your site as an authority on a relevant subject and to help you rank better, it is not necessary to publish everything as long-form content. Some subjects don’t require lengthy content.

•    Quality Over Quantity

Furthermore, while it may be attractive to yield quality for an immensely verbal article, you need to resist the desire to act upon it! Your readers will shy away from a great deal of “fluff” in your articles to meet a word count.

If you’re looking for a strategy to get a low performing website back on track, and you haven’t established any long-form content, why not give it a shot today? What’s stopping you! It is distinctly possible you will end up discovering that you reach to a broad

audience and establish the site as an authority on a particular subject. That, substantially is going to grow brand awareness online.

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