The marketing behind the Instagram egg.

marketing the Instagram egg

The user @world_record_egg has accumulated over 48 million likes, over 1 million comments and 7,6 million followers as of the writing of this article. This is not a yolk. A single post of an egg with a caption saying: “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.” has managed to flip the internet on its head. Needless to say, EggGang (as the account named itself) didn’t just break the record, it did so eggcelently.

Nobody knows for sure how long the account has been active and trying to reach it’s goal, but we do know that EggGang spoke to Fox5 before he broke the record, calling himself Hendrietta, the free-range chicken from the British countryside. The reason “Hendrietta” beat the record for the most liked picture on Instagram isn’t just because of luck but because of his goal, and some marketing.

Ishan Goel, the 19-year-old viral marketing guru, taking partial credit for the world’s latest viral sensation spoke to a company called TooFab saying: “I hopped on when it was just under a million likes. I reached out via direct message on Instagram and offered to help take it viral.” He also said: “There are two core reasons that this post took off. The first is that the internet fell in love with the idea of using a crowdsourced approach to be able to have a touchpoint to a celebrity that could potentially influence that celebrity’s actions or, at the very least, garner a response from them. The second is that the internet quickly began to see it as a challenge, which inspired people to invest their time and energy into helping drive the post into a frenzy.”

The teenage entrepreneur’s marketing strategy was leveraging his network of influencers, media contacts and internet marketers. “I simply got the right credible people to vouch for the post and help propel its growth,” he explained.

One only needs to scroll through his Instagram feed to see a sample of the influencers he has access to. Backpack Kid, Jake Paul, Gary Vaynerchuk and “13 Reasons Why” star Alisha Boe all make cameos on his page, which he has brilliantly decided to redirect to form a valuable domain purchase: “I saw the opportunity of taking something viral, and I seized it,” Ishan said stressing that he is not the creator of the record-breaking egg.

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