5 ways to Drive Organic Traffic using Chatbots!


Chatbots give businesses the opportunity to reach clients in messaging apps they are already using. Chatbots also called “conversational agents”, provide clients with answers in real-time. These software apps can mimic written or spoken speech in order to create a conversation with real people.
The provision of virtual assistance on behalf of a company is the primary purpose for chatbots. They allow businesses to deliver services and responses in a personalized manner.

We are taking a look at free chatbots that drive organic traffic. These have become an important tool for generating leads.

Chatbot Link to messenger

In order to provide your users with good user experience, integrating chatbots as a communication layer in your marketing mix is your best shot. These bots can start the conversation and inform customers about sales and promotions. Do follow-up messaging to anyone who messages your bot. You can also create automated sequences that qualify leads and activate customers. Virtual assistants can offer product pages, images, blog entries, and video tutorials. These bots are dynamic and mobile friendly, making them easily accessible anywhere.

Chat Blast

Drive organic traffic with a Chat Blast! Create chat blast campaigns that are interactive and engaging. They must be able to direct users to your website. This allows you to improve customer support and customer experience. There are guidelines to implement a free Facebook Messenger chat blast!

RSS-Powered Chatbot Blast

Push organic traffic to your blog through the use of RSS-powered feeds. The feed can be integrated into your Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Comment Guard Chatbot

This is a Facebook autoresponder bot that allows you to send automated responses to people commenting on your Facebook post. Chatbots can provide solutions to issues at any time of the day. These also help to increase customer engagement and relations.

Chatbot Drip Campaign

Invite engaged traffic by sending messages that are linked to the customer’s interests, preferences and location. These bots can initiate the conversation and inform customers about sales and promotions.

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