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Good analytics data drives and informs the strategy across all digital channels; SEO, PPC (Paid search), Social Media, PR (Public Relations), Display campaigns and content marketing.

Analytics are the foundation of your performance driven website. Setting up your analytics and reporting is often an overlooked and costly mistake. We ensure that analytics data is being used in the most beneficial way. The statistics we generate from analytics help us determine how to drive more traffic to your website and how to convert traffic into customers, purchasers, leads, followers or whatever your sites goals might be.

Analytics informs all the decisions we make with regards to your digital marketing efforts. At a bare minimum the data you collect tracks user engagement with your site. Without the relevant information about your website visitors you’ll never be able to tell if your digital marketing efforts are delivering the type of results you need.

3 Key Things You Can Learn


Who is Visiting and When?


How Did They Find Me?


Are They New or Coming Back For More? How Long Are They Staying?

Google Analytics Setup & Custom reporting

We use Google Analytics to collect and organise your website data. After consulting with you we’re able to establish, setup and track your goals. Once we understand your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) we can start to drive the correct type of traffic to your site.

Analytics can help us determine

  • Which keywords are driving traffic to your site.
  • Which keywords are converting.
  • When the most beneficial time of the day / week is for you to post content or drive advertising to your website.
  • What type of content attracts the most traffic and gives you the best conversions.
  • What traffic converts to leads, and more importantly, where those leads come from.
  • Where your traffic originates from, social, organic, paid advertising or direct.

Gone are the days that webmasters were the only people interested in Search Console data. This is the platform Google uses to tell you what it thinks about your website, and what you should be doing to help them better understand it. If you want to rank effectively in Google’s results all of your digital marketing team members should be working with search console data.

Search Console is a system that tracks visitors behaviour on Google in relation to your website. It provides a view into how a user finds your website and what they are searching for to do so.

Search queries that drive traffic to your site help us understand the keywords and content you need to make your website more successful. The content of your site needs to clearly define your audience.

Analytics and search console reporting help guide us and determine if you need to introduce new keywords and add new content to better suit your audience.

Ultimately Search Console tells us how Google views your website and what it views your webpages to be about.

We’re able to track your position in organic search results and make informed decisions for your SEO strategy.

Search Console is the place webmasters turn to in order to uncover crawl errors and perform routine site maintenance such as updating broken links and redirecting to more relevant content.

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